Am I talking to myself?

15 things that inspire my creativity:

Listening to music, social media, solving problems, thinking critically, engaging, creativity, ideas, myself, art, mistakes, brain storming, inspire, Itelligence, love, passion, memories.


Peter Blake Pop art

Peter Blake - Red Nose Day -- Screen Print, Comic, Pop Art by Peter Blake | Letras de mickey ...

  1. Pop art is a movement that emerged in the mid-20th century in which artists incorporated commonplace objects into their work.
  2. This artist work is considered pop art for its Mutiple colors.
  3. The Legacy of Peter BlakeBlake‘s influence can be seen in the work of many Pop artists. The work, which appears to be a collage but is wholly painted, shows, among other things.
  4. I picked his work because i haven’t seen a work like his. I wanted to pick Andy Warhol but I’ve seen his work before.


1.The main difference between RAW and JPEG is that RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG files, RAW files store more tonal and color data than JPEG files, JPEG files are processed versions of an image, while RAW files are unprocessed, and JPEG files undergo various modifications, including compression, sharpening, increased saturation, and increased contrast.

2.RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG (and any other) image file formats.

3.You need to process and convert a RAW file into a JPEG, TIFF, or another relevant format before you can open and edit it. Software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom enables you to process RAW files, edit, and export as, for example, a JPEG or PNG — making a copy so you still have the RAW file with all its detail.

4.JPEGs in my opinion seem to be better than RAWs. RAW files gives you more information to work with but it takes lots of time. A smaller file size gives you flexibility to take lots of images at once in one memory card.



Photography career tree

  • Event photographer
  • Manage and guide assistant photographers if needed. Collaborate with event planners to create an event agenda and select ideal locations for photos. Provide excellent customer service and ensure that guests are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Capture natural moments and candid shots throughout the event.
  • Salary= $82,000, If I could, I would live in Beverly hills or here in California.
  • What interests me in this field is capturing somebody’s happiest moment. I would be more than happy to have a career that i would truly enjoy capturing such a beautiful moment.
  • You must have a background in photography, own digital camera equipment and editing software, An excellent eye for detail, and a strong technical knowledge and experience in photography.

Camera Modes

  • Automatic mode- tells your camera to use its best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, iso and white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot it can.
  • Portrait mode- Helps you keep your background out of focus, and its sets a narrow depth the field making sure your subject is the only thing is focus.
  • Macro mode- Lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close-up picture.
  • Landscape mode- Makes sure as much of the scene your photographing will be in focus as possible.
  • Sports mode- It is ideal for photographing any moving objects including people playing sports, pets, cars, wildlife etc.
  • Night mode- Night mode is for shooting in low light situations and sets your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background, but it also fires off a flash to illuminate the foreground (and subject)
  • Movie mode- Extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones.
  • Aperture priority mode- This mode is really a semi-automatic mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings so as to ensure you have a well-balanced exposure.
  • Shutter priority mode- The mode where you select a shutter speed, and the camera then chooses all of the other settings.
  • Program mode- Program mode IS full Auto mode. In those cameras that have both, Program mode is similar to Auto but gives you a little more control over some other features including flash, white balance, ISO etc.
  • Fully manual mode- In this mode you have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc. It gives you the flexibility to set your shots up as you wish.

Studio portraits

  • Strong two-tone, Ambitious unfinished, Convincing, human, Faithful, Emotional, sparkling, personality, stunning, definitive human, flattering, beautiful. aesthetically pleasing, love, lovely, defining, portrait, characterization, figure, image, admirable, deception, authentic, best, detailed.